Dance Music Arrangement Cover

Dance Music Arrangement

An infographic about dance music arrangement



Dance music has evolved over the course of years maintaining a specific structure. This did not happen accidentally since arrangement  is very important as it facilitates the process of mixing two tracks. A fact at which producers aim. Of course there are no strict rules that indicate how a producer should act, however there are common ways of arrangement development which create a norm that a lot of producers follow.

Most common arrangement:

  1. 16 Bar Intro
  2. 16 Bar Build-up
  3. 32 Bar Main Section
  4. 16 Bar Breakdown
  5. 16 Bar Build-up
  6. 32 Bar Main Section (Augmented)
  7. 16 Bar Outro

* You can double bar numbers or divide them by two


Examples of instrument arrangement:

  1. Drums (Make mixing easy for the DJ)
  2. Short Synths, Short Vocals
  3. Main theme
  4. No Bass or Drums or both
  5. New Element
  6. Peak Section of the main theme with variations
  7. No Bass, fade out, Drums mostly


Important Elements 

  1. Variations
  2. Transitions
  3. Fills
  4. Anticipation
  5. Space

Make the track DJ-friendly

Let your creativity flow