How to Prepare for a Live Performance Cover

How to Prepare for a Live Performance

How to Prepare for a Live Performance


How to Prepare for a Live Performance


  1. Don’t book a show if you’re not ready. Sometimes we need a push, but there is a difference between being novice and being unprepared.
  1. Check your equipment

Instruments: Make sure everything is in good condition and eliminate the chances of something completely  unexpected happening and ruining your show.

Laptop: Clean your disk, disable background applications, check for errors and programs planning to restart your laptop

  1. Write a script for your every move. First your setlist , then anything that needs to be done between or during the tracks. For instance activation/ deactivation of guitar pedals or knob twisting of your midi controller. (Obviously this step does not help if your aim is to improvise)
  1. Bring a friend or a family member for support. It definitely helps more if he/she is a real fan of your music. In any case, stage fright is going to be there but you have to remember that your goal is to be a professional musician, an attribute that usually includes live performance. So brace yourself. You’re going to be one step closer to your life goal.
  1. Record your material to notice and understand your weak parts. Even better, use a video camera to observe your music presence too.
  1. Remember to arrive early and demand a sound check if it’s not given.
  1. After the show ask the honest opinion of people you respect and have in mind that no one was born a pro. It’s a long process and we all have to start somewhere.


Some numbers from the music business for 2013 indicate the need for a professional musician to perform live

  1. Recorded MusicRevenues -3,9%
  2. Physical Format Sales-11.7%
  3. Performance Rights Revenues +19%
  4. Download Revenues-2,1%