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Sometimes we wonder which are the characteristics that define the sound of a professional production. Certainly there are no laws that determine how one’s creation should sound, but there are things that if someone adds in his or her production, the sonic result will be more accessible to the average listener’s ears, not in terms of musical composition, but of balance and flow of the whole production. Try these 5 steps

1)Use high quality sounds and samples from the beginning. The beginning is half of the whole. If the sound is bad or mediocre in the beginning, it will hardly be corrected later.

2) Layering. The “secret” ingredient of a thick sound is its layers. Take for example a lead synth line . If you duplicate the channel and choose a different instrument to play the phrase then the result will be a thicker sound (you can do this also in different octaves). Try to occupy a decent frequency range by an entire musical phrase.

3)Follow this simple rule: The more sounds you have, the less frequency range must occupy and vice versa.

4) Do not rely on mastering to enhance your mix. If the mix or the production in general is poor before mastering, it will most likely be after. Also, the size of an error increases after the process of mastering

5) If you are a songwriter then a distinctive melody with variations and a good song structure should be your initial pursuit. Pay attention to the main melody and do not settle for something mediocre.

Tip: Notice how other songwriters write and try to adopt their way of thinking